Welcome to Realignment Studio!

A beautiful, grounded and light-filled center offering yoga, meditation and wellness classes with experienced teachers in the bustling neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  

Local, women-owned business focused on community. 

We have two open-floor plan studios located in the same building, but with two separate entrances.  Please double check your location on MindBody Online to verify whether your class will take place in The Loft (upstairs studio) or in The Cave (downstairs studio).  

Our Mission

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The name Realignment Studio signifies our efforts to come back to our guiding principles of self-care and self-study on our collective path toward wellness.  Our logo was custom designed to represent the values that founder Alyson hopes to promote through her work at Realignment Studio, and to provide a visual reminder of our mission.  The triangle represents a mountain, symbolizing earth, and the values of steadiness, stillness, and nourishment.  The lotus flower represents purification, growth through challenge, and the values of transformation and patience.  The shades of blue represent our 5th energy center, which symbolizes authenticity, truth, and expression.  The symbols together represent our willingness to stay grounded in our truth amid ever-changing life circumstances.  


Alyson Shade (E-RYT 500, YACEP) is the founder of Realignment Studio.  She embodies the studio’s vision to share the practice of yoga as a means for self-care and self-study, an unwavering commitment to always coming home to your most authentic self. 

Betsy Poos (E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP) has been teaching yoga on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. since 2005.  A familiar face in the neighborhood, Betsy brings her love for community building and her local business expertise to Realignment Studio.

Read about Alyson and Betsy’s yoga partnership in The Atlantic: Yoga Teachers, Mentors, Business Partners.

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